Victoria’s Secret – The Supermodels of America

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Known as the “Supermodels of America,” Victoria’s Secret has been a leading American lingerie retailer for nearly six decades. The brand specializes in lingerie, clothing and footwear. In addition to its stores, Victoria’s Secret also produces a mail order catalogue. The company has been criticized for its oversexualized advertising and racist imagery. However, Victoria’s Secret has maintained its market share and sales through the end of 2016.

Victoria’s Secret is the largest lingerie retailer in the United States. It has been accused of sexualizing younger girls, misrepresenting women’s bodies and abusing sequins. It has also been linked to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein worked for Wexner’s company for several years as a money manager and provided input on Victoria’s Secret models.

In 1982, Les Wexner purchased Victoria’s Secret for $1 million. Wexner reshaped the company’s sales model. He refocused the company on women, bringing a European aesthetic to the US. He also helped shape the way society views female sexuality.

In the early 1990s, Victoria’s Secret became the largest lingerie retailer in the United State. The company featured supermodels and Angels, and aired a fashion show on network television. However, the show drew criticism for being outdated and the company subsequently canceled it. In the aftermath, the company hired more body-inclusive models and launched a more diverse brand image.

Victoria’s Secret is currently working on a brand refresh. They have appointed two new women to their board of directors. These women will work to improve the company’s image. They will also help advise Victoria’s Secret on its social media campaigns. They will also promote the brand on Instagram. The brand is also launching a three-part documentary series on Hulu that will examine the company’s history and its ties to Epstein.

In August 2019, Jeffrey Epstein died in jail after committing suicide. He was indicted on federal sex-trafficking charges. He was also found guilty of embezzling money from Victoria’s Secret. In addition to his criminal charges, Epstein was indicted for trying to meddle in the company’s business. Wexner, however, was not aware of Epstein’s criminal behavior. Wexner would remain on the company’s board and serve as chairman emeritus.

Victoria’s Secret has faced controversy throughout its history. They have been criticized for their oversexualized advertising, racist imagery, and misrepresentation of women’s bodies. In an effort to better represent its consumers, the company is changing its marketing approach and has hired focus groups to gather feedback on the brand. They will also be releasing new mannequins in new sizes.

The company also plans to bring in a new creative director, Raul Martinez, who will be responsible for the brand’s advertising and social media strategy. Victoria’s Secret has also been accused of oversexualizing its teen market. Many parents complained about the brand’s advertisements. In addition to promoting the company, Victoria’s Secret has taken positions on social issues and taken a stance against discrimination.

Victoria’s Secret also pushed for pay equity and diversity in their modeling team. They hired the first openly transgender model. In addition, they changed their salary structure to reflect pay equity. They also hired a more body-inclusive model and hired a model who was both transgender and a lesbian.