Types of Fashion


Generally, people say that fashion is an art of dressing in clothes that highlight the best parts of a person’s body. It is an expression of a person’s taste, style, and personality. However, there are other types of fashion that are not confined to clothing. For instance, fashion includes the way we decorate our homes, car, and other items in our daily lives.

Fashion changes frequently, and is not always permanent. One fashion may be a popular style for a few seasons, while another may be a fashion that has gained wide acceptance and is still popular. Moreover, fashions can be found all over the world. However, there are only a few examples of fashions that are accepted throughout the world.

Classic fashion is characterized by the use of simple shapes. This style is very popular because it focuses on achieving an elegant look. For example, a classic suit will have a short waist and a straight back, and will be made from a natural silk tussore. Another classic style is the merry widow. It used to be an undergarment, but now it is worn as a top. It is a garment with short sleeves and a high standing collar.

Another popular style is the box pleat style. It is characterized by a triangular piece of fabric that is inserted into the lower edge of the garment to add fullness. This piece of fabric falls loosely to the bottom of the garment. It is a style that is also popular for women’s dresses. It is usually seen on skirts that are made from two or more gores.

Another style is the A-line style. This style fits at the waist and shoulder, with the fabric gradually extending out to the letter “A”. It is also characterized by darts, which are V-shaped tucks that are sewn into the fabric. Darts are usually found at the back shoulder, the hipline, or the bustline.

The pagoda sleeve is a type of sleeve that is shaped like an Asian building. It is narrow at the top, widens gradually to the wrist, and flares out to the bottom.

Another type of sleeve is the funnel sleeve. It is shaped like a funnel and fits tight at the top. It is usually made from fabric, but may be made of felt. It may be part of a military uniform or a uniform for sports.

A very popular style of clothing in Europe is the Lagenlook. It consists of many layers of clothing that are uniquely shaped. The fabric may be very ornamental or have a plain color. The garment will have a body-hugging fit and may have a diagonal front closing.

A cap is usually made from fabric, leather, or felt. It may also have a visor at the front. Caps are popular among the general public because of the way they fit the head.

There are other types of fashions, such as body jewelry. This type of clothing is worn on various parts of the body, including the neck, breasts, and waist. The most common types of body jewelry are beads and sequins.