The Best Women Perfume For Women

women perfume

When it comes to the best perfume for women, you want something that transports you—whether to another land, era or your own happy place. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 37 scents that will do just that.

When you want to feel like a princess, reach for this feminine fragrance that’s as bright and dazzling as it is opulent. The floral, chypre-inspired scent opens with top notes of bergamot and pink pepper that meld with heady tuberose and Sambac jasmine, before settling on an addictive base of patchouli oil. It’s the perfect way to feel like royalty all day, every day.

This classic perfume for women was an instant hit upon its release in 1921, and it’s never left the bestseller list. Its delicate, powdery-fresh sensibility embodies the essence of femininity and has remained one of the most popular perfumes for women over the years. Its rosy, fruity, and woody notes have been described as smelling like “a fresh bouquet of roses and orange blossom in the sunlight,” making it the perfect scent for a romantic date.

An all-time classic that’s also a beloved gift for the women in your life, this fragrance is as luxurious as it is iconic. Upon first spritz, this scent is heady and floral, with rose and lily combining for an intoxicating effect that’s both sweet and intense. But the perfume evolves as it settles on your skin, revealing a heart of sandalwood, musk and vetiver for an intoxicating, long-lasting fragrance.

For those who prefer the light and fresh smell of a clean, dewy forest walk, this unisex perfume from posh fragrance house Jo Malone will be a match made in heaven. The scent opens with a subtle blend of citrusy neroli and basil that’s a little zestier than the usual floral fragrances that tend to cloy. It’s the perfect scent for a breezy springtime lunch or stroll through the park.

The bestselling scent from the high-end perfumer, this fragrance was inspired by the beauty of nature and the richness of women. A calming mix of bergamot, ylang-ylang, and jasmine is combined with transparent woods and musk for a soothing and sensual fragrance that’s as luxurious as the iconic bottle itself.

Fragrance expert Sylvaine Delacourte explains that “Beautiful” is a “timeless classic that will always be a timeless classic,” and it truly is. Its heady blend of rose and lily transforms into jasmine, ylang-ylang, and sandalwood at the heart. It’s a scent for the woman who exudes self-confidence and is sure to make heads turn.

This classic, sophisticated scent has been worn by celebrities and royalty for decades, but it’s the everyday woman who will truly appreciate this feminine fragrance. The enchanting blend of fresh and green notes instantly transports you to a flowering garden on a sunny summer’s day. Its hints of green apple, orange flower, and iris are a bit more tangy than your average floral fragrance, which gives it a unique, modern touch that’s perfect for women who want to feel elegant and refined without feeling too formal.