Fragnance – The Unspoken Beast of Language, Gender and Culture


A nirvana to many females and a bane to others, fragnance has long been an under appreciated and misunderstood phenomenon. Here’s a look at this elusive beast in the context of language, gender and culture.

The best way to explain fragnance is that it’s the confluence of all the elements and concepts that go into making up this human aficionado of language, gender and culture. It may have originated in the past as a linguistic peep hole, but in modern times it’s become an unspoken part of our vocabulary and a nirvana to many women and a bane to others.

Hopefully you’ll have the chance to give it a try soon! Until 1957 when the aforementioned legislation was passed, you’d have to be in the know to be considered eligible to claim the title of “Fraulein” (or Fraufamilie for that matter). This is one of my favourite languages to speak, and I’m lucky enough to have mastered it.